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Sue's Testimonials

Baby Jasmine
Dear Sue

I wanted to write you a thank you letter to show you how much I appreciated everything that you did for my daughter and I during, throughout and after my pregnancy. I would’ve liked to have gotten this to you earlier however I’m sure that you can appreciate how busy life is with a new born baby.

I am so glad that I chose you (and you accepted) to be my LMC. I was apprehensive to say the least about getting a LMC when I found out that I was pregnant again. As you are aware I had a terrible experience with the LMC that delivered my angel baby the previous year. I had lost faith in the system and couldn’t bear the thought of putting my trust into another LMC only to be let down again. My experience with you was extremely positive and I could not have asked for anyone better.

You were recommended to me by my GP and I am truly grateful that she pointed me in your direction. You did an incredible job and were always a pleasure to deal with regardless of whether or not you had got any sleep the night before. Your calming presence and extensive knowledge made me feel at ease which in turn made the whole process enjoyable.

I cannot thank you enough, not only for everything that you did for my daughter and I physically but for restoring my faith in people again. You will be at the top of my list if my husband and I decide to have another child. Jasmine is doing great and is extremely advanced. Thank you for giving her such a great start in life.

Kind Regards, Shereena
Baby Sofia
We would like to thank Sue for her guidance and support during our pregnancy.

We always felt listened to and that our ideas and opinions mattered, which is important for a pair of clueless first time parents.

Sue was always helpful, patient and understanding; she works in a professional, caring manner and was sensitive to our needs.

We would also like to say a special thank you to DJ for helping us bring our beautiful girl Sofia safety into the world; her guidance and advice on the day was amazing.

Thank you for everything you have done for us
Mia  - Nov 14
Baby Evie
I would recommend Sue and the team at Manna Midwives for their excellent care and support for their clients during the exciting journey of having a baby! Sue was a great source of information in the appointments while I was pregnant. She was happy to let us come up with a birth plan that suited us but recommended that we be willing to be flexible during the actual labour which was wise as we it didn't quite go according to plan. During the labour Sue was calm and reassuring. But what  most impressed me with Sue was her care post the birth. Our baby has a lactose intolerance which Sue picked up on very early on. She arranged for me to see a lactation consultant and after going off dairy I had a different baby. A friend of mine had a child with a similar allergy which was not picked up on until it was 5 months old and she had huge issues because of this. We were so thankful that it was found so early on.
Baby Levi
I was so honoured to have Sue den Hartog as my midwife. I am pleased to say that Sue was an amazing rock for me throughout my pregnancy. She was very thorough in every aspect. Any question that I had was always answered well enough for me to understand. I was so scared of giving birth, but Sue was so amazing at keeping me so calm. She is such a caring and loving person. I would recommend her to all my friends who want to  a mummy. Today we have a gorgeous little man, Levi. Thank you Sue, you're awesome.
Baby Levi
I was so honoured to have Sue den Hartog as my midwife. I am pleased to say that Sue was an amazing rock for me throughout my pregnancy. She was very thorough in every aspect. Any question that I had was always answered well enough for me to understand. I was so scared of giving birth, but Sue was so amazing at keeping me so calm. She is such a caring and loving person. I would recommend her to all my friends who want to  a mummy. Today we have a gorgeous little man, Levi. Thank you Sue, you're awesome.
Baby Beau
I couldn't speak more highly about the care I received during both of my pregnancies, Sue made me feel supported in my decisions and reassured if I had any worries or concerns. I felt totally at ease when in labour and like I was being fully looked after by a professional but at the same time Sue had my best interests at heart and helped me to achieve a VBAC, I could not be happier with my experience and honestly think I couldn't have done it without her. I also appreciate the care I received from DJ and her personal interest in me. I will miss seeing Sue and highly recommend her to all!
Thank you Sue,
Love from Micah, Sam, Millie, Indi-Rose and Beau xx
Baby Maia
My first impression of Sue is that she always had time to answer my questions and concerns. She was patient and knowledgable.  Throughout my pregnancy she provided us with plenty of information and advice when we needed it.  During labour, Sue was calm, positive and re-assuring.  The birth didn’t go to plan (emergency c-section) however, during labour Sue was supportive, reassuring and focussed at all times on doing what was best for both myself and my little girl.  Post baby, Sue provided comfort and all the answers I needed to understand what had happened, once again, always having time, patience and compassion for myself and my husband.  I would recommend Sue as a midwife.   Thanks Sue.
Baby Katie
I have 3 children who were all birthed by Sue Den Hartog. I really appreciated the care that was provided during and after my pregnancies. Sue was very professional in her manner, during my first pregnancy I found the whole thing of becoming a parent very daunting. Sue was very supportive, offered lots of advice and made the experience memorable and enjoyable. When I used Sue for my third pregnancy my two older children would call her Aunty Sue, she became like family and we would have good chats about anything. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful work Sue did and cherish the times we had together. I recommend her to anyone I know who is pregnant and is in search for a midwife. Have Sue for your midwife and you know that you are in good hands.
Baby Zac
Sue Den Hartog was AMAZING as my midwife. She was wonderful prior to the birth, so encouraging, supportive and excited with me as well as talking me through everything I needed to know and do. During the birth she was incredible.  I felt so comfortable having her there, it was a wonderful experience!  After my little boy was born she helped me through those first months.  I was so sad when the visits ended. I will definitely be having her as my midwife for my next baby!!!
Baby Alice
We contacted Sue for our second pregnancy after experiencing a stressful emergency C-section with our first born (with a different midwife). Sue immediately put us at ease with her friendly, warm and professional manner. Sadly this ended in miscarriage, however Sue was a great support during this time. We are so grateful to have had Sue as our midwife for our following 3 natural births. Sue is a wealth of knowledge, expertise and showed great judgment in a number of situations. Sue provided us with love and guidance throughout the pregnancies, and fabulous support and care during the births. Sue always went the extra mile and her experience as a mum showed during postpartum care. My husband really appreciated Sue, as she made him feel included and part of the process. Sue became a friend and mentor. I was very sad to say goodbye to Sue as our family is complete. I now recommend Sue to all my friends.

Lots of Love
Greg, Yona, Aaron, Emily, Isaac and Alice
New Mum 2014
I just wanted to send you a quick update on how we are doing, especially in relation to breastfeeding. I've continued to breast feed H exclusively and he is doing great. He has put on so much weight!! He tripled his birth weight by 5 months (Last time he was weighed he was 8kg!) He is 6 months old this weekend.  I've really enjoyed being able to breast feed him, and I have had really good milk supply. For the last 6 weeks he hasn't even been having both sides for his feeds, so there must be ample there. He has been sleeping through from 10pm to 7am since 4 months, so he must have been getting enough! We are just starting on solids which he seems to be very enthusiastic about.
I really just wanted to update you on this as you were so involved and instrumental in getting breastfeeding established for us. I am really grateful for your help and support in those early days. All that pumping while I got the supply up and going has paid off. It has been really rewarding for me to be able to feed him, and he seems to have thrived on breast milk.
Thank you so much for your time, energy, and support with this. It was hard at first and if I had not had your knowledge and support I do not think I would have continued with breastfeeding, so a very big Thank you to you for all your help!! You were a wonderful support to us.
Baby Jemimah
It gives us the greatest joy to mention a few things about our experience with Sue.

The very first time we met Sue, she treated us with so much love and respect. We still have very fresh memories of how excited and welcoming Sue would be every time she walked us into her office for our appointments. Sue provided us with detailed information at every single stage of our baby's development.  From her reassuring and motherly calm voice, Sue would answer all our questions and she  would ensure that we  left very well informed. She shared with us her numerous midwifery experience that even made it so easy for us to relate to our own. Sue's wealth of knowledge and expertise is what we feel so humbled to have been part of.

God blessed us with a wonderful baby girl, Jemimah through Cesarean section. Again this was the time Sue demonstrated her expertise and experience. She made all the right decisions and explained to us what was happening at every stage. Sue provided excellent after birth care before handing us over to the Plunket nurse. Most especially, was her help with breast feeding that we struggled a bit with.

As Christians, we found it a huge blessing that it was Sue who took us through the amazing journey of parenthood. Sue even prayed and committed our daughter, Jemimah to the Lord just after her birth. Every day, as we pray for our daughter, we always remember the very first moment Sue prayed for her. Thank you, Sue.

As first time parents, our experience with Sue was so wonderful that we would gladly recommend her to any one seeking a midwife care. We Love you, Sue and forever you will be part of our fondest memory with Jemimah. May God bless you abundantly as you give support to other parents to-be in your care.

Finally, we would also like to thank Sue's student Midwife, Nicola, who was with us throughout the later stages of our pregnancy. Nicola was always so enthusiastic and with so much knowledge. No doubt Nicola will be a great midwife.
Baby Matilda
From the first phone call when I was only 6 weeks pregnant, Sue was friendly, reassuring and genuinely excited about our pregnancy.  Being my first child, I had no idea what to expect throughout pregnancy or what lay in store for me after the birth.  I found it hugely comforting to chat with Sue at our appointments, as well as the occasional personal phone call or text, as she listened patiently and answered my many (and often silly!) questions.  Towards the end of my pregnancy, I needed to be monitored and ended up being induced.  From the careful, calm explanations to the friendly introductions to the hospital staff, Sue ensured that my partner and I felt fully supported throughout my labour.   She did everything in her power to follow my birth plan, even when things went pear shaped, and she worked (cheerfully!) throughout the night.  When Matilda arrived, we were excited and very thankful for our beautiful daughter but also unbelievably grateful to the wonderful lady who made our experience as stress free as labour can be!   In the following 6 weeks, Sue was a huge wealth of knowledge as I attempted to absorb as much information into my baby brain as possible!  Both my partner and I were blown away by the level of Sue’s care and professionalism throughout the year.  We were really sad to have to say good bye but we are looking forward to seeing her again in a couple of years for baby number two! 
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