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Helpful Links

Healthpoint -Waitakere Hospital

Parenting courses and information services for planning a safe & healthy pregnancy, childbirth and transition into parenthood

Hypnobirth - Education for natural childbirth and parenting courses

Antenatal classes, parenting classes  & postnatal support services

Pregnancy Help -Provisions for pregnancy.  Support and practical assistance

Pelvic Instability support and information 

Pelvic support belts for relieving lower back and to give pelvic support

Facts about pelvic pain during pregnancy

Physio for back pain in pregnancy

Parent education and support - 51 centres throughout NZ

Support for teenagers who are about to become parents

Parenting and support services for children up to five and their families

Advice re listeria and food safety during pregnancy

Healthpoint - Virtual tour of Waitakere Hospital Maternity Services



Baby Centre - Inside Pregnancy: Labour & Childbirth

Interview - Positive birth experience after a caesarean




Newborn Care / Sleep Strategy / Immunisation




Latching on

Up to date information and resources related to breast feeding

How to know my baby has a good latch and other great info on video

NZ organisation devoted to providing information, support and resources related to breastfeeding

NZ Health Dept site related to breastfeeding


Counselling, budgeting, parenting classes

E Counselling Services

Supporting families, especially women and children and those living with mental health issues

Offering practical home and childcare to those in need due to illness, multiple birth and during stressful times

Home Help -Postnatal Depression.  Information and practical help

Free support to women and their families who are affected by postnatal or antenatal depression, stress, baby blues or anxiety

Plunket nurse service, education, toy library, car seats, Plunket line

Information re reciprocal health agreements

Info re funding of pregnancy services

Waitemata DHB Waitakere Hospital visiting hours and other information

National Women's Hospital 

Amy Cope - Stunning newborn, child and family photography

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