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About Us

Welcome to Manna Midwives and warmest congratulations for your pregnancy.


We are a group of experienced midwives and we welcome the opportunity to provide professional support and guidance in your pregnancy and birth, and to support you to transition to parenthood in the weeks following your birth. 

Our practice is situated in Te Atatu South and we provide free maternity care to women who are citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand and who live in the greater West Auckland area.

Manna Midwives was established as a Christian Midwifery practice in 2005. Today Sue den Hartog and Julie Wharton are two of the original midwives who continue to provide support and care to those women who specifically want a Christian midwife.

We have two other midwives who have since joined Manna. Vanessa Wiblin, an experienced midwife who has practiced midwifery since 2007  and Stephanie - who joins us in 2018 as a graduate midwife.

You can check out our individual profiles and testimonials on our website.


Manna Midwives believe that childbirth is arguabley the most significant event a woman will experience in her lifetime. We believe that Childbirth is a physical, emotional and spiritual event, and whether this is the first or the sixth baby, every birth is sacred and special and it is important that women remember their birth as a positive experience. Manna Midwives support gentle birthing with low intervention for low risk women.

Our Role

Our priority is to support women to be healthy and well during their pregnancy, and to facillitate safe and appropriate care.

We recognise that every woman is different and unique and we aim to tailor care to meet the needs of individual women. Some women will  require more complex care due to existing health issues or because of previous high risk obstetric history. In this instance, we would liaise with other health professionals to formulate  and put in place a more comprehensive and appropriate care plan.

From the time we book women we provide timely, and up to date information that is easily understood and accessible through handouts and through our website which also has links to other valid sites. At every appointment we discuss and educate women on the issues that are relevant at that particular time.

Why choose Manna Midwives?

> Experienced  caring  and supportive registered midwives

> Members of the College of Midwives New Zealand (NZCOM)

> Well known by local doctors and other health professionals in the community            and Waitamata DHB

> Christian Midwives

> Homebirthing Midwives

> All midwives are experienced at water birthing

> Birthing at Waitakere and North Shore Hospital and at Birthcare Parnell

> 24/7 care and back-up care for birthing and obstetric emergencies

> Free referrals for obstetric consultations if required

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