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When you did your birth plan, you and your midwife would have discussed feeding preferences. If you decide you would like to breastfeed your midwife will assist you to put baby to the breast, usually within an hour after birth as this is when baby's sucking reflex is heightened and baby will be keen to latch and suckle.

Colostrum is produced in the first few days after birth and this is rich in nutrients and antibodies that help protect baby from infection and also line baby's gut. This is the food that baby has in the first few days before breastmilk is produced.

Latching Video Dr. Newmans

Vitamin K


Once baby has fed, your midwife will take baby and do a top to toe check including weighing and measuring baby.

If you have given consent your midwife will administer Vitamin K - which is given to help prevent Haemorrhagic disease in the new born. Your midwife will have discussed this with you antenatally.


Ward care


If your blood loss is moderate and there have been no complications with your birth, your midwife will assist you to shower, usually within two hours after birth. If you have decided to stay in the hospital you will be assisted to the postnatal ward and your care will be handed over to the hospital midwifery staff for the duration of your stay.

Staff will assist and support you with breastfeeding and baby cares. The usual hospital stay is 48 hours after birthing. A longer or shorter hospital stay will be negotiated between you and your midwife depending on your individual needs.

Partners can visit anytime between 8am and 8pm. Your baby will remain with you the entire time you are in hospital and if you had an uncomplicated birth you can expect to share a room with at least one other woman as there are no private rooms in the public sector.

Once you are discharged home your midwife will visit you regularly until around 5 weeks after birth and then your care will be referred to your GP and the Well Child provider of your choice. 

Hearing Screen

This is an early screen usually done in the hospital while an inpatient. It is optional and non-invasive. If your baby is discharged prior to this being done the hospital will send you an outpatient appointment when you are home.

Postnatal Visits


Your Midwife will visit you in the ward each day and is responsible for checking you and baby and making a plan for discharge home. They will liaise with the ward midwives.

First babies or complications: Your Midwife will visit you at home within 24 hours of discharge and then a couple of times a week for the first 1-2 weeks. After you are doing well the Midwife will visit weekly and discharge you to your Wellchild provider around 4-5 weeks. Plunket usually come in the 5th week and a GP visit should be arranged for 6 weeks.

Wellchild Providers



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Family Doctor

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