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Dianne's Testimonials

Baby Cassie Jo
Dianne, I wish I had found you 10 years ago when I first started
having babies :)

You have been outstanding. From the get-go I have found you so
friendly, and comfortable to be around. Even during labour we had
quite a few laughs! You even went the extra mile to make my family
feel special, from letting my mum help bring baby Cassie into my arms,
and a very special skin to skin time for Cassie and her Daddy after
she was born. Cant speak fondly enough of you to my friends/family.

Thank-you so much for everything.
Hayley and of course, baby Cassie Jo xx
Bronson, Bella, Lilly, Demetrius and Baby Noah
Words cannot say how grateful I am to have had you as my midwife. I am so lucky and blessed, you are an amazing lady beautiful inside and out. Thank you so much for all your help, words of wisdom, love and ongoing support to me and my family.

Tobias & Baby Claudette
We thank you so much for the help and support that you have given us. You are amazing and so patient with anything you do for us. We were never short of laughter and you always made us smile. You had delivered my first child 'Tobias' who is almost 5yrs old. I refused to go anywhere else as we have so much trust in you. Now you have helped deliver my 2nd baby 'Claudette' who is only 6wks old. We are blessed to have met you, you are an amazing midwife and now a good friend. We are overjoyed with having the pleasure of you being the midwife for both our children and the next ones to follow :-) Best regards

Adrienne and Sanele
Dianne  was a wonderful LMC, my husband and I were overjoyed with the quality of her care throughout my pregnancy and after the birth of our adorable son. She was compassionate, thorough, experienced, competent, very knowledgeable and always put us at ease. Birthing can have a lot of fear around it but Dianne was extremely positive and helped me to totally relax and not worry about a thing. I continually asked questions and Dianne always knew how to answer them insightfully. She was never pushy and totally respected my wishes and viewpoints throughout my pregnancy. Dianne was absolutely wonderful, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. I will definitely be giving her a call in the future when baby # 2 comes along.
Thanks for everything Dianne, you are a gifted midwife, keep up the great work

Natasha, Paul and Riley
Taylor & Midwife Dianne
Thank you Dianne very much for all your help and support during my pregnancy. I had a lovely baby girl Taylor. Please accept all appreciation from my family. You looked after me very well.

Thank you
We had Dianne as our midwife we found her amazing in every aspect from our very first meeting right through to our last post-natal visit.

Nicci and Steve.
Baby Oscar and Midwife Dianne
Dianne was an awesome midwife!! She was amazing as a midwife and also as a person.

I knew she was the one when I met her for the first time. I'm so happy to have her as my midwife.

I worried about lots of things with pregnancy and labour, but she explained everything to me kindly and simply.

Everytime I was curious about something and asked her by phone or text, she answered me quickly.
Labour was hard but she encouraged me and supported me.

If I am pregnant again, I will definitely ask her again!!! Thank you Dianne.

Baby Lyla
Dianne has supported me through 2 pregnancies and from our very first meeting with her over 3 years ago we knew that she was the right fit for us.

She is always professional and supportive and offers advise in a truely caring and compassionate way, none of my silly questions have ever seemed silly to Dianne.

I would highly recommend Dianne for anyone needing a midwife, she is a true star!!

Proud Dad and Baby
I never got to tell you Dianne, how truly thankful I was to have you as my midwife. You were so relaxed and easy to talk too from the get go. I was always well informed and if I did have any concerns or questions you were easy to contact. 

It was crunch time at birth though when baby's head was on the wrong angle and prevented him from going into 2nd stage. After being in labour for 10 hours,  I tried to push for that final half hour as advised but to no avail you made the call of having a C section. I completely trusted all your calls and judgments.

My big 10.6 pound boy came through the sunroof very healthy and happy not long after and I love every bit of him.  After all my moaning during pregnancy and even swearing I would never do this again during labour,  I totally understand now why women do this over and over again!

I was actually really sad when I realised at your last visit that it would be the last time I see you and almost made me wanna get pregnant again! Haha ALMOST!! So if I ever fall pregnant again,  you will be my second phone call after Jason of course. 

Thank you for everything and will pop in soon for a visit!!!
Baby Harry & Midwife Dianne
I think Dianne is an awesome midwife.  Dianne allowed me to go through my pregnancy with all the facts at each stage but let me make up my own mind without  pressure.  Her aftercare was great.  I had trouble breastfeeding and her support was wonderful and she got me through.  Thanks Dianne. 
Laraine and baby Harry
Baby Jared, Student Midwife Sophie and Midwife Dianne
Thanks for your look after me during my pregnancy and my labour. The baby has grown up very good.
We very happy and have a good memory of you.

Kind regards,
Lily Chen
Harper and Dorothy
Thank you Dianne, for your guidance and support during the birthing process of our two much loved children Harper and Dorothy.

You made my partner and I trust in your every word, kept us informed each step of the way, a touch of humour when required, space alone allowing us a moment to breathe and firm encouragement when the task seemed impossible to achieve; but we did it!!!!

Thank you for leading me through the hardest challenge of my life; we are forever grateful.

Cara and Craig
Eda and Mina
I have had two wonderful, gentle waterbirths with Dianne now. I jump at the chance to recommend her to anyone I know having a baby. She provides the perfect balance of nurturing Mum and confident professional. She seems to know exactly what to say at all the right moments. I felt completely comfortable with her while giving birth and valued her advice and support both throughout the pregnancy and postnatally. Dianne loves her job and will be just as excited about your new babe as you are!

Jaeda and Brother Braxton
We were so impressed with all the care and advice you gave us throughout this time and could not have wished for a better or more supportive midwife. I always felt like I was in the best hands, particularly during the labour and birth when I was, of course, at my most anxious and vulnerable.

My husband Ryan and mother Dianne, who were at the birth also, could not speak any more highly of you and what you did for us and for Jaeda.

We are so very proud and in love with this perfect little angel and can't believe she is 3 months old already!
We are truly grateful.

Ryan, Leanne, Braxton and Jaeda
Baby Mia
Here is a photo of Mia to say a big thank you for everything to date! You've been a great midwife and we have loved your advice - taking a natural approach to things but completely balanced with common sense. Already we have passed on recommendations to friends who are trying to conceive!

Babies Layton & Khayson
I am unsure of what to say or how to express my gratitude for the advice and assistance Dianne provided as my midwife for the births of both my sons Layton and Khayson.

Being ditched by 2 midwives during the first 4 months of my first pregnancy, I was very grateful when Dianne took me under her wing even though she had 5 other ladies and holiday plans around my due date. This showed me just how much passion she has for job, and I love that about her.

The care Dianne provided from start to finish was beyond excellent.
Dianne was very helpful, reassuring and had my best interests at heart throughout both journeys. 
Dianne spoke her mind, did what she knew was best and also let me do what I needed to do during both labours.

Dianne is a fantastic midwife. She will always have a place in both mine and my boys hearts. I will surely miss her relaxed attitude, her great sense of humour and amusing tales. I’ll never forget the time she started dancing while I was busy labouring - "well why not? It’s a birthday, were here to celebrate" she said with a huge smile.

Dianne is everything a hormonal, stressed pregnant lady needs.
Will definitely return to Di for baby no3

I’m a first-time mother and immigrant from South Africa.  Not having any family in New Zealand apart from my husband meant that I would rely on my husband and my midwife for support during this time as all my other family is back home.

Dianne Squire made an impression on me the first time I met her.  Her warm and caring demeanour set the tone for the beginning and the rest of my pregnancy.

Dianne did a great job of taking charge and talking me through the delivery, she was calm, yet present for every change during labour. She was not overbearing with suggestions, but quietly eased my fears and encouraged me every step of the way even when I felt like I could not carry on. Dianne loves what she does and it shows, a truly lovely lady who was born to be a midwife. I would not recommend anyone other than her to go through this journey with.

Tracy Shaw 
Elijah and Aodhan
I loved Dianne from the first time I met her and she delivered both my babies at home. She is, to this day, one of my favorite people. She made me feel there was nothing to pregnancy and birthing that I couldnt handle. She supported us and our decisions, while keeping us well informed on all sides of the story.
Dianne would always answer my millions of questions after the birth and made sure we were all happy and healthy before leaving us to try the parenting thing for ourselves. She was helpful and really built my confidence as a first and second time mother. If you want to go the natural way and get the right support throughout, Dianne is the most wonderful person you can hope to find to come along on your journey.

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