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Dianne Squire

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Congratulations on your pregnancy. The most exciting journey you will ever undertake. My daughter is now a grown woman but I can still feel the thrill and overwhelming love when holding her in my arms for the first time.

I would be honoured to be chosen as your midwife and to assist you on that journey.  I qualified as a midwife in 2004 and have been an Independent Midwife in Auckland since then. Previously I was a nurse working at both Starship Hospital and National Women’s Hospital.

I believe in quiet, undisturbed birthing so that babies enter this world gently and without stress. I encourage women to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their pregnancy and I encourage and support healthy women to labour at home until they are ready to come into the Hospital/Birthing Unit.

It is my experience that women have a more positive birth experience when they are surrounded by family and friends who support and encourage them to birth naturally. I have facilitated many water births and believe that water use in labour and/or birth has a wonderful calming effect; therefore I encourage healthy women to use water where appropriate.

If your previous birthing experiences have been high risk medically or resulted in your needing specialist care, I am fully experienced in high risk care and would be delighted to care for you, offering my experience, knowledge and support while accessing the appropriate specialist input for you.  I have a passion for supporting women to achieve a natural vaginal birth who have previously needed a Caesarean Section.

I have access to support birthing at Birthcare in Parnell, Waitakere Hospital in West Auckland, or at North Shore or Auckland Hospitals. The best choice for your birthing facility is where you feel confident and safe and I am happy to discuss this with you.

Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss whether I would be the most appropriate midwife for you.

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