ABOUT MANNA MIDWIVES                    


MidwivesWelcome to Manna Midwives.

We are a group of  independent West Auckland midwives who practice from a house situated in Te Atatu South.

While we each look after our own caseload of women, we also work collegially to support each other both professionally and personally in order to provide optimum care for all of our women.

Manna Midwives was originally set up as a Christian midwifery practice in 2005 and two of the founding midwives, Sue den Hartog and Julie Wharton, continue to offer Christian midwifery services to those women who have a preference for a Christian midwife.

Our birthing philosophies are aligned in that we are each committed to supporting women to have safe and positive birth experiences. We are mindful of the individual needs of women and whilst providing standard midwifery care, we also embrace and encourage the use of complimentary birthing practices where appropriate. This includes facilitating water births and birthing in the more relaxed and intimate setting of a birthing centre such as Birthcare. Some women may require more intensive care due to pre existing medical conditions or because of pregnancy complications. In these circumstances we refer women for free obstetric consultations so that ongoing care can be planned and shared with a qualified Obstetrician.

Within our group we offer free maternity, labour and postnatal care to all New Zealand citizens and women who have Permanent Residency. We embrace women from all ethnicities, cultural and religious beliefs and will happily care for women living in the greater West Auckland and Upper Harbour areas, and in some circumstances we will provide care to women living on the North Shore and in Central Auckland.

We are all members of the College Of Midwives and as such are bound by the Standards for Practice which promote safe, effective and nurturing care for women and their babies during pregnancy, labour and in the postnatal period up to six weeks after birth.